Chinese Wedding Reception

Reception table

Wedding Reception in Chinese wedding generally  defined as a party that held after the completion of the marriage ceremony.In Chinese society wedding reception is known as Xi-Jiu, literally joyful wine and is far more important than the wedding itself.Hence at the reception the couple receive a lot of guest.They are typically extremely elaborate and expensive, often costing several years’ salary of the groom’s family ,sometimes it can cost million ringgit. The cost of the reception is split from the cost for the guest .The timing and the characteristics of the reception vary greatly from one locale to another.Usually they will do the reception at hotel and restaurant. For the wedding present they give the cash in the form of red envelopes and jewelry (particularly gold) are given as wedding presents, and because the wedding hosts keep very careful track of the cost of the gifts (jewelry is given with a receipt, which indicates the actual cost of the gift), the cost of the reception is effectively split among the wedding guests. Wedding receptions also build local community solidarity. As each couple wed, their wedding reception is in effect financed with gifts from the other members of the community, with the expectation that the new couple and their family will give gifts in future wedding receptions within the village.

Platter for Chinese Wedding Reception

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